Elizabeth M A Mapleston

About yours truly...

Well, born December 1974, County Hospital, Lincoln, about teatime (obviously needed some food!) and to the proud parents of Ann-Marie & Ray.

 I went to 5 different schools (teachers couldn't educate me? Not my problem! lol)... St. Andrew's CE School at Lincoln (a school which I have very fond memories of and will visit there again soon as I have been invited for some special events as a guest... looking forward to it); Bishop King School, Lincoln (no longer exists, knocked down and built a housing estate); back to St. Andrews' School (then called Kings Way school), then after losing Mum, we moved away from Lincoln and went to another St Andrews CE school, then to Gartree Secondary school.

 After that, spent 2yrs learning Information Technology and Business Administration and received 2 NVQ's. Lovely college (that also no longer exists - what did I do? lol) and especially at lunch time, we could sit on the rooftop right over the famous bakery of Myers in Horncastle.  In the summertime of course, we just needed a fishing rod! ;-) NUDGE NUDGE, WINK WINK... SAY NO MORE! lol.

Now, for the past year, I have been studying into the fasinating works of the mind and learning Clinical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression.  Also, I am a Reiki Practitioner and will be undertaking my Reiki Masters & Teachers degree in December.  I'm hoping to graduate with a Ch.Dip if not the end of this year, hopefully in early 2010.

My life has been blessed with a wonderful strong family who stays by my side always, and supports me in everything I do.  My family also includes my friends; you know who you are!

 I have been very lucky and fortunate also to meet some wonderful people - Charlie Landsborough, Derren Brown and hopefully the Queen one day, who knows (!)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who are in my life, near and far:-

Mostly, of course, my family and all my friends - what can I say? Thank you from me can go a very long way and for everything you have done for me in the past, present and future...;

Sorry if this is very brief - but it's not the oscars you know!

But my life, like everyone else's, hasn't always been a 'Bed of Roses'...

 At the age of 9 1/2 and my Brother was only 4 1/2, our beautiful Mothere passed away.  Only 40, had suffered a massive heart attack.  I alwayes remember one very vivid memory of Mum, right down to the sound of her voice - school dinner-time at Lincoln: Mum would come to pick us up and walk us home for dinner.  From the kitchen would call 'here's your beans and sausage'.  To this day now, I love them! Bless you Mum, not only just for that but for loads and loads of things, all of which would take this page and more.  You was and still is beautiful, loving and caring with the biggest of hearts... I love you Mum. X

We was very thankful that we had a loving Granmother (whom I care for now) and Great-Uncle to continue our education, growth and more importantly, never to loose to feeling of being loved and cared for.  Sorry to say but Dad wasn't always to best of Dad's... I won't say no more than that but still doesn't mean to say that I don't love my Dad, I do and have forgiven him but not what he did to the rest of the family, that's something that hopefully in time will fade.

Father passed away in 1998 - sad to say I had never seen him since losing Mum. The heartache continued having to go to his flat and find all the medication in every single room: cartons of tablets and fluid. Non-hodgkins disease, age the age of 53. At peace X.

 Later on in life, not at anytime of your life do you wish to loose someone.  But on 01-01-2000, 2:30am, my forever beautiful Brother was killed on Lincolnshire's roads, whilst trying to help someone.  Aged 18.  He had everything in life laid out in front of him: a girlfriend who he adored; a job; his own place even and of course a family to support him all the way, just for some idiot to take him away from me.  I hate New Year's eve inparticular and have found it sad but more so now.  To have the Police knocking on the door gone 3am is not good and to follow, to even identify him.  How I miss him so much - the things we was going to do together, we had planned.  We did do some charity work in previous years before and I do have loads of wonderful memories... including him doing his impersenation of the fab Freddie Mercury's 'The Great Pretender'.  Queen being a family favourite of all of us.  James could do all the moves of Freddie.  Although tears stream down my face, a smile does show.  I shall forever always love you, my darling Brother.  Continue to shine! The best Brother ever, anyone could ever wish for. X

Then, 6yrs ago, another blow: my dear Great-Uncle passed away with the disgusting of all things, Cancer. I had cared for him at least 10yrs, due to him suffering a stroke.  Gran had cared for him previously to that before she herself became poorly.  Thank you Great-Uncle George for everything you taught me: from gardening to cooking, from learning about animals to the simpliest of things like cleaning my shoes. Thank you X.

 14th August 2013 I lost my most wonderful and beautiful Gran-mother.  Known to us kids as 'Mum-Jo'.  I miss her terribly.  My whole world has broken.  My heart is severely broken.  I love you Mum-Jo with all of my heart, soul and life. 

So, with that all behind me, only now and again does it rise to the surface, I am also very very thankful to have so many friends I have met either face to face, on the phone, email, chat, text.... you are all lovely and I think the world of you all. All of you (you know who you are!) become a part of my family anyway.

Now you know.  Hope to hear from you all soOn! (sorry, just simply couldn't allow this website go by without a slight DVB influence! Hole-tempting: great fun and not as rude as you thought it might be!

Enjoy yourselves and be happy! X You are all lovely X


Anxiety and Depression.  I was diagnosed with this 2years ago.  I am now on continued medication to help and it DOES help if you talk about it to your friends and family.  I have found incredible support not only just from my Drs but also the local Crisis Team and my family and friends have been fantastic, a tower of strength.   


As on the 14th of August 2013, I lost my most wonderful, loving, kind and caring Grandmother 'Mum-Jo'.  My heart is completely broken.  I miss her terribly. 


January 2016: finally done and passed my Reiki Masters Degree.  Happy me.  Thanks to Bev Lewis of Solana.

I hope to meet the lovely Jeremy Kyle one day - honestly, just want to give him a great big hug! X