Elizabeth M A Mapleston



A list to all I wish to thank... sorry if your name is not included - it's not because I've forgotten you ok! I can't remember everything you know! ;-)  If your not mentioned, please take the time to email me and smack my hands! Thank you!

Right.... where I start?.... ah yes!:-

My Family of course - without them, I would not be here and spending hours on end writing this! No really, thanks to you for making my life special. LOVE YA ALL!

To all my friends that I have met (here we go, the point where memory starts to fail and has to find list, providing I can remember where the hell I put it in the first place! lol)...

 My school-mate Clare Toulson (now Franklin)... oh the different things we did! Remember sitting on those radiators near the toilets, trying to warm our backsides before getting ushered out by the teachers! BULLIES! It was bloody cold outside! lol Hope you are well and love to everyone and the boys - Hello to my Godsons too! XX

All my friends both near and far... even on the other side of the world.

All those at BT (no, not the telephone communications!) - Brown Towers! Derren, Abeo, Phillis, Coops and the gang! LOVE YA! You cheeky lot... love you all always. XXXXXXXX

Facebook/Twitter/MySpace friends - so many, sorry I can't list you all! But when you look on here, you'll know who you are!

Charlie Landsborough and family and his touring band and crew - great to know you guys and will see you soon!  

To Philip Underwood who has recently become my 'kick up the arse' mentor.  Thank you for the help.  New beginnings and my life can and will only get better from now on.  

Once again, sorry if I have forgotten anyone - this will be updated!